The Medusa Was In Menopause was conceived in order to help women like myself who feel as though they just may die because something is terribly, horribly wrong and their OBGYN doesn't or won't listen to them.

Fact: of the millions of women in America who are "Menopausal" for one reason or another, 10-15% of them will experience what I call "Total Menopause". Total Menopause is a bad, bad, scary thing... especially if you can't find the help you desperately need from your OBGYN. It is a disgusting fact that the average OBGYN seems unaware that there are at the least 45 possible symptoms of Menopause (and I may discover more)... and that any Menopausal woman can suffer any combination of those symptoms, and to varying degrees of severity.  You might have only 2 - very lightly, and you might have 41 - really bad. Heredity seems to be irrelevant, because every women is going to have a different Menopausal Experience. 

When I was first experiencing the worst of my symptoms, there wasn't this type of comprehensive information out there. I saw 19 doctors before I found the two who saved my life. I did research on the net, at the library, at church, at women's groups - you name it - I looked there. This site is a result of what I found... this is my story. The site is constantly being updated, so you won't necessarily find everything that you need - today... but I wanted to at least provide the important list of ALL the possible symptoms of Menopause, and also to open things up to dialogue. Feel free to contact us and share your story or just ask questions you can't find answers to. We'll do all that we can to help you.   

- Thank you! 

Maggie Mae Sharp


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